3 Steps To Build Your Network Marketing Business Online

Prospecting for leads offline can be dismal. Many network marketing businesses expect you to cold call strangers and alienate friends and family with offers they’re just not interested in. No matter how robust the products you’re offering are, you’ll be turned away and accused of participating in a pyramid scheme.

Online, however, you can avoid all of this hassle. WIth a little bit of up-front work, you can combine active and passive techniques and generate lots of high-quality leads. By utilizing the right set of tools, you can only target people who are really interested in your offers. This means that every phone call or e-mail will lead to a pleasant conversation with a good chance of success.

Most network marketing businesses have little training for online marketing. The training that is offered is woefully incomplete. This is unfortunate, as online marketing is cheap, effective, and time-efficient. You don’t have to cold-call for hours, drive anywhere, or even understand very much about computers. All it takes is a bit of work and an open mind.

Sound like a good idea yet? Here’s a three-step process for starting your journey into online network marketing. By following these three basic tenets, you’ll be sure to find success when you begin prospecting online.

1. Have The Proper Mindset

The first thing to understand when you take your network marketing business online is that you won’t be successful immediately.

This might seem to run contrary to what you just read. If online marketing is easier, more time efficient, and more effective than offline marketing, why won’t you immediately generate hundreds of leads per day? The simple answer is that it takes time. Just like any new skill or job, it’ll take you many hours of work before you’ve fully mastered the intricacies of online network marketing.

This isn’t to say that you’ll need to take online classes or study for months before you generate a single lead. Instead, you’ll have to start small and gradually build your online empire. By focusing on a single detail at a time, you’ll be able to bring more and more elements into your marketing network and develop an effective online platform to advertise your wares.

The work won’t be easy, either. You’ll still have to work, and the work that you’ll have to do will be tough more often than not. It’ll be fantastically time efficient, however, and you’ll eventually reap fantastic rewards from the seeds that you sow online. It just won’t always happen in a matter of minutes or even days.

It’s also important to keep a sense of perspective as you go about building your online presence. Because the rewards are delayed, it’s easy to get halfway or even most of the way there and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing. Don’t fall for this trap! Instead, try to feel good about the progress you’ve made, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s making you money yet. Think of it like a house: if you’ve built four solid walls and installed all of the plumbing and electricity, you still can’t sell the house if it doesn’t have a roof. The same concept applies to your online marketing business. When you’ve finally finished all of the pieces, you’ll have an incredibly valuable resource that will generate lots of revenue for you. While it’s under construction, however, it’s not going to be quite as useful.

Finally, while you won’t have to deal with as much resistance when you make sales, you might deal with some resistance from the people around you. Your upline and crossline might be skeptical of you using the internet for marketing, and your friends and family might scoff at your efforts to build an online empire from home. Don’t listen to them. Instead, plow through their resistance and forge your own path. If you stick with it, you’ll be able to prove all of them wrong.

2. Have A Plan

When it comes to building up your online network marketing business, it’s important to have a plan. By having a blueprint you can work from, you’ll massively increase your success rate and be able to measure your progress as you work. One of the best ways to do this is to copy someone else’s online empire or make a planning document with your mentor (more on this later). Here are some techniques you can use as part of your plan to increase your success.

Actively Use Social Media

Things like Facebook, Twitter, or even your favorite picture sharing site feature millions of users interacting on a daily basis. If you have a process for converting prospects, you can apply that process on social media just as easily as you can offline. This means you can turn your social media accounts into a literal goldmine.

It takes a bit of practice and finesse in order to get your social media presence just right. It’s important to be always active, to always engage with other users, and to interact with as many individuals and groups as possible. You also have to walk a very fine line in order to keep your followers engaged while you market your business to them.

Passively Recruit Via Social Media

You don’t always have to sell things directly via the internet. Often times, it’s enough to mention your business passively. If you can drive the right sort of traffic to your posts or profile, you’ll get e-mails and PMs from interested individuals asking you for more information about your business. These are the very best sorts of leads.

There are a couple ways to set this up, but one easy way is to use a Facebook business page and a Facebook advertising account. If you write a blog article with lots of juicy details on your product or business and direct traffic there, you’ll be sure to get lots of calls and e-mails from people wanting to know more. Again, these people will literally come to you and ask for you to prospect them. It really doesn’t get much better than this. Best of all, if your ad copy and blog are well written, they’ll automatically filter out people who aren’t interested in your sales pitch. You won’t get very many calls per click, but the ones you do get will almost always lead to sales.

3. Find A Teacher

No matter how many free articles you read online, doing the things described above will be pretty tricky. There’s a lot of art involved in building and maintaining an online following, writing ad copy, and choosing what to post when — and those are some of the easier things! With someone to help you get started, however, you can skip a lot of the “growing pains” of your online network marketing business and start making money MUCH faster.

When you started your network marketing business offline, you probably had someone to help you in person. Online, things are no different. You’ll want a personal coach to help provide you with learning materials, form a plan, and show you what steps to take next. With an experienced mentor by your side, you’ll feel much more confident and you’ll be able to achieve much more than you ever could without.

That’s why our program provides each and every one of our students with a personal coach. We don’t just want to train you to be the best, we want to make sure that you have someone you can trust by your side to help you over each hurdle. Building up your network marketing business can be a long and expensive process, but with an expert coach by your side and our array of training materials, you can make it much shorter and cheaper.